Wilderness Code of Ethics

Welcome to the Cirque of the Unclimbables. The Cirque has played host to an international group of adventurers for over 50 years. This remote, unspoiled wilderness remains one of the truly amazing places on earth. However, due to growing interest in the area as a destination for climbing and hiking, the Cirque and Fairy Meadows have experienced increasing human impacts. An ongoing effort to keep the Cirque clean of trash and human waste was started several years ago, and this year we will be increasing our efforts by installing a pit toilet in Fairy Meadows. Due to the nature of arctic weather, the breakdown of human waste is slow. Therefore, we ask that you use this facility.

All Cirque visitors are encouraged to act responsibly with special consideration to the following (concerns?):

The steps mentioned above will help us keep the waters of the Cirque clean and free of unnecessary contaminates.

This project has been made possible by the volunteer efforts of the Cirque 2000 Committee, the American Alpine Club, the Alpine Club of Canada, and the Inconnu Lodge/ Kluane Airways. For further information, please contact the Alpine Club of Canada or the American Alpine Club.