Distances to The Cirque of the Unclimbables:

George Bell

Important Latitudes and Longitudes:

Glacier Lake:  62° 05' N  127° 35' W

Fort Simpson:  61° 52' N  121° 48' W
Fort Liard:    60° 16' N  123° 34' W
Watson Lake:   60° 18' N  128° 50' W
Anchorage:     61° 12' N  149° 48' W
Inconnu Lodge: 61° 48' N  130° 01' W
Tungsten:      61° 57' N  128° 14' W

Great Circle distances (shortest flying distance, ±5 miles):

Glacier Lake to Tungsten (YT):       25 Miles
Glacier Lake to Inconnu Lodge (YT):  80 Miles
Glacier Lake to Watson Lake (YT):   130 Miles
Glacier Lake to Fort Liard (NWT):   180 Miles
Glacier Lake to Fort Simpson (NWT): 190 Miles
Glacier Lake to Whitehorse (YT):    270 Miles
Glacier Lake to Anchorage (AK):     730 Miles
Glacier Lake to Seattle (WA):      1020 Miles
Glacier Lake to Denver (CO):       1810 Miles
Glacier Lake to Chicago (IL):      2140 Miles
Glacier Lake to New York (NY):     2630 Miles

Some road mileages (Source: 1990 Rand McNally Road Atlas):

Vancouver (BC) to Whitehorse (YT):  1512 Miles
Vancouver (BC) to Anchorage (AK):   2237 Miles
Calgary (AB) to Whitehorse (YT):    1457 Miles (Alaska Hwy)
Denver (CO) to Calgary (AL):        1096 Miles
Calgary (AL) to Fort Simpson (NWT): 1086 Miles (MacKenzie Hwy)
Winnipeg (MB) to Whitehorse (YT):   2073 Miles (Alaska Hwy)
Winnipeg (MB) to New York (NY):     1660 Miles
Winnipeg (MB) to Chicago (IL):       862 Miles
Watson Lk. (YT) to Whitehorse (YT):  272 Miles
Seattle (WA) to Vancouver (BC):      165 Miles

Total road mileages (the BAD news):

Anchorage (AK) to Watson Lake (YT):  997 Miles
Seattle (WA) to Watson Lake (YT):   1405 Miles
San Fran. (CA) to Watson Lake (YT): 2215 Miles
Denver (CO) to Watson Lake (YT):    2281 Miles
Denver (CO) to Fort Simpson (NWT):  2182 Miles
Chicago (IL) to Watson Lake (YT):   2663 Miles
New York (NY) to Watson Lake (YT):  3461 Miles