Cirque Overview

Looking west into the cirque from the summit of Unicorn Peak (August 1988)

Legend: A - Proboscis, B - Flattop, C - Bustle Tower, D - Terrace Tower, E - Mt. Meringue, F - Higher Polymer (far away), G - East Huey Spire, H - Middle and West Huey and Phenocryst (all overlapping), I - Lotus Flower Tower, J - Tathagata, K - Parrot Beak Peak, L - Mount Contact, M - Tara Tower.

The two lines indicate two new routes put up in 1997 by Paul Friberg and Kurt Blair: "The White Tower" on Terrace Tower (route 22a) and "Riders on the Storm" on East Huey Spire (route 32b). Route numbers refer to those in my guide.

There is also a cleaner looking unedited version of this photo.