Screwy Octahedron

The Screwy Octahedron was my exchange puzzle at the 30th International Puzzle Party in Osaka, Japan (2010). You can purchase a copy from Poly Puzzles.

Solution Hints

Observe the four puzzle pieces carefully.

Note that three of them are screw-shaped, while the fourth is a planar piece shaped like a "Y". Two of the three screw-shaped pieces are identical, while the third is their mirror image.

Here are some hints to get you started assembling the puzzle

  1. An octahedron has 6 vertices. The balls at the ends of the screw-shaped pieces will form the 6 vertices.
  2. The last piece usually needs some force to be snapped into place. The plastic used in this puzzle is extremely strong, yet bends slightly. Do not worry about breaking it. It has not happened, but if you do break a piece, let me know and I will replace it (my email is
With these hints, you may now want to try to solve the puzzle on your own.

Download the solution page (pdf document).