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Photographs taken by me are subject to the copyright laws of the United States of America, and to Berne convention copyright laws. They can not be reproduced, by any means, without my prior consent.

Permission is granted to anyone to make a link to any of the my web pages. You may download images for your personal use (for example in a screen-saver, or background image). I also authorize to download an image for display on a web page maintained for yourself or for a non-profit organization, provided that you properly attribute copyright to me, *and* include a link to my home page. An example of an appropriate HTML link:

Photo by
<A HREF="">
George Bell </A>, (C) George Bell.

If you wish to reproduce any of the images for commercial purposes, please contact me, I'd love to defray the cost of scanning. The JPEG files here are not of high enough resolution for publication, contact me for the original slide or the 2,000x3,000 photo-CD scan. I have also a much larger collection of slides than are displayed on this server.

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