My Latest Outdoor Toy Unveiled

George Bell

Finally the months of indecision and lengthy discussions with salesmen over arcane technical details was over. A few days ago I had taken the plunge, maxing out my VISA card on the purchase of the Model L9. I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my latest outdoor toy. I zoomed home early from work to see if it had been delivered as promised. Immediately I saw the boxes stacked against our house and my heart raced.

The frame was in the first box I opened and it was even more beautiful than the glossy catalog photos had indicated. Twenty pounds of meticulously milled aluminum with a handsome brushed finish. It was so light it didn't seem capable of supporting my weight. I couldn't wait to give this baby a test ride, even though it was almost dark.

The frame was completely devoid of decals except for the brand name and another indicating "Front ->". A cute touch, I thought.

Included were a set of rather complicated assembly instructions. This was a highly unconventional frame, for the size could be tweaked to give a perfect fit. Esther helped me make the required measurements with a tape measure, the instructions then indicated the proper modifications for a perfect fit.

Surprisingly the only tool required for all adjustments and assembly was a 7/16" wrench! Now this was design simplicity taken to the utmost, imagine how I could pare down my toolkit.

Two year old Allison sensed my excitement and wanted to be part of the action. She eagerly grabbed a wrench and began fitting it to a bolt. This drove me nuts, every time I needed a part she had moved it somewhere else. I almost had to banish her from my work area but she was so enthusiastic and wanted to help. Even with her "help" we were able to put it together in a half hour.

The moment of truth had come. I grabbed the frame and headed outside. It was almost pitch dark, I'd have to stick to well lighted areas. I carefully centered it over one of our window wells. THUNK!

The fit was perfect.

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