Cirque of the Unclimbables Topos:

In the table below you can access topos in various electronic formats. Please read our disclaimer. Here is an explanation of the columns in the table:

Climb (in order by route number) Author, When Viewable Topo Printable Topo
The Great Canadian Knife (12) Todd Skinner, 1992 Topo [72Kb] none
At Dawn We Ride (12c) Mason Earle, 2012 Topo [2.3Mb] none
Proboscis, Original Route (13) Jason Lanz, 1998 Topo [56Kb] .jpg [309Kb]
Proboscis, Women At Work (13aa) Lorna Illingworth, 2010 Topo [1.5Mb] none
Proboscis, Via Costa Brava (free variation) (13a) Nancy Feagin and Barry Blanchard, 1997 Topo [72Kb] none
Bustle Tower, Club International (19a) Sean Isaac, 1997 Topo [89Kb] none (from the 1998 Canadian Alpine Journal)
East Huey Spire, Riders on the Storm (32b) Johann Aberger, 2005 Topo [102Kb] none
East Huey Spire, West Ridge (32c) Jim Toman, 2008 Topo [2.7Mb] none
Tara Tower, Eric Weinstein Memorial Route (33a) Carl Austrom & M Irvine, 1985 Topo [63Kb] none (from the 1985 Canadian Alpine Journal)
Lotus Flower Tower, Standard Route (35) George Bell, 1996 Topo [14Kb] .pdf [77Kb] or Postscript [85Kb]

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