My IPP Exchange Puzzles

George Bell

Last modified June 8th, 2020

Contact email address: gibell-at-comcast-dot-net

List of my IPP exchange puzzles

Year IPP Where Exchange puzzle Manufactured by
2010 30 Osaka Screwy Octahedron 3D printed by Shapeways
2011 31 Berlin Three Piece Whatsit wood, made by Bernhard Schweitzer/Pelikan
2012 32 Washington DC Lomino Cube 4 laser-cut acrylic by Ponoko
2013 33 Tokyo Octetra 3D printed by Shapeways
2014 34 London Orchid Pennyhedron wood, made by Stephen Chin
2015 35 Ottawa Housing Crunch wood, laser-cut by OrangeKat, LLC
2017 37 Paris Clock Solitaire wood, made by Creative Crafthouse
2018 38 San Diego Pyradox wood and acrylic, made by me
2019 39 Kanazawa Progressive Pyramid wood and acrylic, made by me

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