G4G9 Exchange Puzzle

Welcome to my G4G9 exchange puzzle. This puzzle was created for the 9th Gathering for Gardner, a conference held in March 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. Anyone is free to download the puzzle and try it.

Download my exchange pdf of the puzzle for printing here (Lominoes for G4G9, 5 pages).

Alan Schoen's web site has more information about Lominoes. Here is the 10 page booklet he includes with each set of Lominoes he sells. There is also a much more comprehensive 131 page version you can download from his web site.


The puzzle is easy to solve if you understand the lettering hints on the pieces. Clearly they spell out "G4G9", but in what pattern? If you really need it click here for a photo of the solution.

To comment about the puzzle, send me an email.

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