Ten Years of
Ice Climbing


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photo from Terra Galleria © Quang-Tuan Luong

Fortunately Tuan had this wide angle lens (24mm, I think) to capture the whole view from behind. This is one of my favorite ice climbing photos, it really captures the feel of the ampitheatre the climb sits in well.

Ever since a permanent rope was hung off this route in the fall, it has formed much more regularly than in the past (every year for the past four). It has also become something of a trade route, sometimes there is a longer line for The Fang than the Rigid Designator next door! In fact there was one winter (85-86, I think) where it was actually thicker than the Designator.

However the Fang remains a pretty serious lead. I didn't realize how tough Tuan was until the falling water began to take it's toll at this point. My gloves are completely soaked here even though with the luxury of a toprope I am moving much faster. One of Tuan's boots ended up full of ice water.