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The Grand Teton from the Lower Saddle during some weird weather

The following day (as planned), Joe Terravecchia hiked in and joined me and we moved camp to the Lower Saddle. We then watched Daniel Meteer's rescue which quickly turned into a body recovery. A helicopter came in late in the afternoon to take the body bag out, it was a bit dicey as the wind was picking up. Being so close to a fatal accident caused me to rethink my priorities and wonder if we had been foolish climbing the Buckingham Ridge during such poor weather.

The next day (August 2nd, 1984), Joe and I had planned to climb the North Ridge of the Grand, but it became very windy overnight and in the morning the Grand looked like this. It was pretty wild seeing this lenticular cloud forming right on the summit. Needless to say there wasn't much enthusiasm for the North Ridge under these circumstances.

Late in the morning we finally decided on attempting the Upper Exum, and the winds lessened and we were actually able to complete it. We did the Upper Exum entirely unroped which made it go quickly. This was the first time I had ever climbed the Grand Teton.