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Joe's Silhouette near TeePee Pillar

A week or so later Joe and I climbed the North Ridge of the Grand from a bivouac on the Teton Glacier. We climbed the Grandstand from the East, which was a bit scary and we probably should have roped up at one point. The Grandstand was dry and free of snow (late August), which was very significant (it is much harder when wet). We climbed the right edge of the Grandstand, which is safer from rockfall.

This photo was taken on the way down on the "Black Dike Traverse", a little known route which connects the Lower Saddle to the Teton Glacier. We had to take this traverse because our bivy gear was at the Teton Glacier. At one point you go right past an interesting pinnacle called "Teepee Pillar", and this is where I snapped this photo as Joe came toward me.