Trip Report

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Head on view of the French (NW) Ridge on Mt. Huntington
from the start of the difficulties.
This is a head on view of the French (NW) Ridge on Mt. Huntington from the base of the first step, taken in 1985. You can see the first and second steps. You can actually see the tops of the third and fourth steps, but they are run together. What appears the highest point in this photograph is actually only about half way from here to the summit! I was lucky that I had just bought a wide angle zoom, this photo was taken at a 28mm focal length.

At the bottom of the photo you can see Chris and our tent. The reason you see tracks continuing past this point is that I initially led onward but retreated after I couldn't see a place for a tent.

To the right of the NW ridge drops the precipitous west face of Huntington. This face is made of very high quality granite and there are a number of routes up it. The famous Harvard route ascends this face, but is beyond the right-hand skyline.

Click here for a view of the west face of Huntington with our ascent and descent route marked.