Trip Report

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Denali capped by a lenticular cloud from Mt. Huntington.
Chris Brislawn visible at the very bottom.
This shot is looking the opposite direction from Slide 1. The hump of snow Chris is climbing on is the same hump where my tracks ended in Slide 1.

The chasm on the right side of the photograph is the West fork of the Ruth Glacier, Lionel Terray approached the NW Ridge of Huntington from this drainage, while we reached it from the left side (Tokasitna). There is much less avalanche hazard from the Tokasitna, plus you can descend the Harvard Route and you are right back to your base camp.

The sunlit buttress to the left of the summit of Denali is the extensive South Spur of Denali, which almost qualifies as a separate peak. The sunlit face of this buttress is called the Isis Face, The ridge in the upper left is the Ridge of No Return. The ridge zig-zagging in and out the right side of the photo is Reality Ridge. All three of these routes have only a couple of ascents.

To see a photo of Huntington from near the summit of Denali, see Slide #13.