Desert Rock

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The Titan, Fisher Towers, UT
While the previous two climbs are on excellent solid rock, the Fisher Towers (near Moab) are a different story. The rock is so bad climbing it seems absurd. There is quite a psychological leap between wandering around the bases of these spectacular, almost unreal spires and actually climbing them.

This photo was taken right after we climbed the Titan. We were hiking out, going rather fast because the sun was setting. I had to stop when I saw this amazing view with the moon rising behind. I didn't have much film left, and the light meter on my camera was broken so I had only 3 guesses at the exposure. I guessed a bit low in all 3 cases, but I was getting pretty close to the limit of a handheld exposure anyway (about 1/30th of a second). This photo has been digitally manipulated in Photoshop using the "Poster Edges" filter.

The scale of the Titan is remarkable, it's 900 feet (270m) from the base of this photograph to the summit. It is nearly three times higher than nearby Castleton Tower. If you follow the left hand skyline from the summit area, there are two 140 foot raps to the first notch. The next photo shows the view looking straight up from between those raps (the last pitch of the climb).

For more info on the climb see our trip report We Climbed Utah's Skyscraper Rock .